Change of Identity

...the tree that grows houses, flowers, human heads, birds, even cars, and riding horses, speaks of the unreliability of our human perception.

Reflecting on a River

...aesthetic appeal combined with educational, cultural and historical elements in these works are reflective of their respective communities...


Rebuilding and collaboration begins with the passion of the community wanting to see change. Whether it is social, political, environmental, economic, or cultural transformations that take place, it is the artist that can combine with all of these making the process of collaboration part of his or her palette.

Works on Paper

I work instinctively with found parts and images that are like fragments of an idea taken out of context to create new meaning. Reconfiguring a wide range of sources, my Process continues and moves towards multi layered painting and it’s transformative processs. A point of departure might be historical, geopolitical, social, or the present moment of everyday life. By combining images, a visual clarity comes forth in the work and symbols can act as a key to unlock a host of feelings and associations.

Installation Process

The installation process often requires several people other than myself. We are glad to share with you some of our experiences while constructing and installing the finished work.

Contact Me

Please feel free to contact me for information on installations for both public or private commissions as well as information on exhibitions and upcoming classes. I will be adding a class schedule soon. I appreciate your patience.