On Paper

There are visually floating patterned decorative elements and various floriated forms with repeated stylized chrysanthemum-like florets, while that particular flower is itself, a culturally fluid symbol evoking lamentation, death, royalty, or happiness. The viewer is forced to create a relational dialogue within the work itself. Playfulness with meaning is apparent in her work with layers of information erased by disguising previous layers of painted glazes. For Example Steven Biko and the spy II painting is about bringing to light the truth that is being concealed in history and the revealing of truth. The painting reflects this by the style of erasing and adding more through layering of images one on top of the other which becomes abstracted as it progresses. A new kind of seeing then becomes the hope for clarity. “Her work has been associated with modern painters such as Philip Taaffe and Terry Winters biomorphic paintings. “ – Jeff Hughes