Riverworks Studio

Space as Sculpture

We are a collaborative design consultant group that creates and builds artistic private spaces and public environments. Space as Sculpture has assembled a talented, experienced, and diverse team of exceptional merit. We are dedicated to assisting you in the planning and decorating process of your most passionate dream space. Your living space is a reflection of you and we are the ones that can help you to make your dreams a reality. Whatever you can imagine can happen with the highest quality. You enter creative process along with us. What could be more fun and exciting that that? We believe that good design can transform your life. Our work serves social progress and community. We are committed to achieving public art, architecture, and livable spaces that enhance the quality and purpose of humanity.
Join us in the adventure to healthy living.


Exterior Spaces

Landscape Design / green/Lighting design / atmosphere/Walls / texture / healing/Benches / resting /Parks / fun/ educational/Public art works / stimulate imagination / community involvement

Landscape Design

Home / relaxation/Public space / healing / environment/Parking lots / innovation

Interior Spaces

Hotels / invite /entice/Corporate space/ inspiring workers/Office / motivate relationships/Personal home / sanctuary/Restaurants / casual / formal/Lighting / ambience /Custom Furniture / function

Catharine Magel

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