Reflecting on a River

The following galleries are various sections of Reflecting on a River. This mural is on the Mississippi River flood wall. The aesthetic appeal combined with educational, cultural and historical elements in these works are reflective of their respective communities and how they shape my palette.

Reflecting on a River (gallery)

Mississippi River (section)

This part of the mural was the first section that I felt we were able to involve community out-reach. The educational component was to teach children about endangered species.  The Fish flow along and transition into the Reeds and night section. We visited schools taking clay slabs and found objects. We invited  kids to make fish shapes with textures made from cast offs. Anything we could think of even the bottom of  shoes became beautiful patterns on the fish. When visiting the wall you will find numerous textures from kitchen tools, shoes, jewelry, to auto parts and even toys. (click images below for more pictures)

The Night (section)

This particular section was very endearing to myself and my team. Missouri school for the blind students made 8 tiles that were hidden in the night section that invite us to touch and interact with extensive mural. (click images below for more pictures)


The Butterfly Migration (section)

In this section, earth transitions to sky with a focus on local species while using color and a dynamic relief to enhance the sculpture. (click images below for more pictures)


The Bird Memorial (section)

Kids Club House an organization that assists children that are going through the grieving process. On this collaboration, I called upon the kids’ help in making some of the birds. (click images below for more pictures)