Riverworks Commissions

Mosaic Work

Cost of the project depends on the project size, complexity of the design, the size of tesserae (tiles) used, cost of the materials and cost of the installation. Base rate for 1/2″x1/2″ in area size pieces ranges from $160-$180 per sq ft. (includes layout, glass cutting, and price of the materials up to $15 per sq ft).  A 1/2″x1/2″ Tesserae lends itself to a large piece. The smaller the tiles, the greater the cost. For example, base rate for 1/4″ size pieces is $600-$800 per sq ft. A simple design is based on color and complexity of the rendering. Please call for information.


Carved or Sculpted Tile

Cost of projects depends on project size, complexity of the design and sculpting or relief work.  12” x 12” sculpted tile is approximately $ 200.00 per sq. ft.  Hand painted tile of various sizes would be less and depends on the complexity of the colors and textures. Please call for more information.

Artist Design Fee:

A 20% artist fee will be charged for all the projects in addition to the base rate. Note: artist fee includes artwork design, variations (up to 2), 1 revision of the design, color decisions, design enlargement. Changes beyond this scope will require an hourly design fee of $ 75.00 per hour.

Additional Costs:

Traveling to site of installation (if out of 50 mile radius)

Contract Agreement:

No written contract is needed for projects under $5000; however a written confirmation (e-mail, letter) of the commission with the description of the project and materials is required. Contract is signed by both parties for projects over $5000.


Prior to project’s start a 50% deposit is required for projects under $5000.
A 25% deposit is required for projects over $5000. After design is approved by a client, an additional 25% deposit is required for projects over $5000 unless stated otherwise in the agreement.


The remaining amount of the agreed sum will be paid by the client promptly after the completion and/or installation of the project. For projects, that will be shipped, payment must be received prior to shipping. Note: shipping and packaging costs are not included in the price of the mosaic and will be billed separately.

Financial aspects of commission:

Will be discussed during the initial meeting.